Palladio’s research and development laboratories continuously strive to develop new products and processes that can solve problems which are found by our customers in the field. Palladio’s ability to react and respond quickly to new technical challenges is the result of over 40 years’ experience in the polymer business. Palladio’s main interest is to remain market-focused and competitive, always providing ad-hoc innovative solutions to meet its customer’s needs. The very well-equipped R&D department is located in Italy and includes highly advanced pilot laboratories and application’s laboratories dedicated to finding solutions to our customer’s needs. Additionally, Palladio collaborates with Universities and Research Institutes globally, maximizing its capability to continuously innovate in this field.


Palladio has access to a team of experienced Process Engineers who work closely with the Research and Development department in order to develop highly efficient processes for the manufacturing of new products. Additionally, Palladio is able to provide technical expertise and even “turn-key” plant solutions for the manufacturing of bio-acrylamide and polyacrylamides. The concept stage is the first step of any project. What is the problem you’re trying to solve? What’s the best way to solve it? This is where our process engineers can step in and provide the steps required to reach an efficient solution for your operations.